JUDO-Net (Extended Edition)

Since my paper on "Joint Unsupervised Depth-Estimation and Obstacle-Detection" did not get accepted to NeuRIPS 2019 I now had another unpublished paper lying around. Back then more and more people around me started to get interested in neural networks and some (including my mom😂) were also interested in my work. I however, kept struggling trying to explain to them what exactly it was I was actually doing.
So I had an idea: What if I could start explaining the concepts of neural networks at a relatively low level and explain my way up from there?

The goal was for every reader to have the necessary knowledge about neural networks and the basic foundations on depth estimation once he reaches the hard parts of the text which consists of the original paper. In practice, I think that the text I wrote is still far too dense for a complete beginner and therefor I kind of failed.

What do you think? Have a look at the results and let me know!